Never buy a saddle sized tight or too small !

The saddle is the most important element for dressage or in a horse race. Not all saddle types are suitable for all horses. There are different categories of saddle according to the discipline as there are also stools that correspond to different morphotypes of horse. The choice of the size of the accessories is therefore paramount because they ensure at the same time comfort and good performance during the competitions.

Size of saddle

The saddle must ensure stability and relaxation. And to achieve these ends, one must know how to choose the right size. The golden rule to follow is that you should never buy a saddle too small or too tight. This is true both for the siege and for the neighborhoods. It is really absurd to think that with a less tight saddle, the rider loses his balance on his horse. The safest is to buy a versatile saddle that is to say that corresponds to the majority of the horses. But if you want to bet on good equipment, you should know that the ideal saddle size is 17.5 inches. With this type, even children can climb on the back of their parents' horse without losing their stability. In addition, to begin in the field of riding, it is much easier to start with a larger saddle.

Advice for the choice of saddle

A saddle badly adapted to the rider and his mount causes fatigue, bad jumps, in short a poor performance during a horseback riding. In addition, a horse that suffers from a bad stool size may defend itself by refusing to advance or attempting to dislodge the rider. To have the saddle most adapted to its stallion, it is necessary the advice of the experts and to buy from the professional sellers. Moreover, the site is the reference in equipments for horses of good quality. Before finalizing the sales contract, the customer may have periods of testing during which he can test whether the saddle is suitable for his mount. Additionally, specialists have the experience to give the best advice for proper saddle size.

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